5 Popular Myths about Vikings that are NOT actually true

5 Surprising Myths About Vikings – Debunked

1The Horned Helmets  – a „trademark” of the Vikings

The idea that the Vikings wore horned helmets is such a common belief! But it turns out it is one of the biggest misconception about these Nordic seafarers.

In fact, there are no historical records of this kind of helmets at all!

The only authentic Viking helmet ever to be found does not have the famous horns. Also, all the depictions of Vikings dating back to the Viking age show these sea adventurers as wearing helmets with NO horns.

What about this myth? A possible explanation for it might be the tendency of contemporary european Christians to portrait the Vikings as barbarian and pagan.

The helmet’s horns may be an allusion to those of Satan. It should also be mentioned the fact that Thor, the Norse god, wore a helmet with wings on it. It does look somewhat similar to the famous horned helmets.




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