9 Things You Need to Learn About Travis Fimmel (Ragnar Lothbrok)

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Travis Fimmel (Ragnar Lothbrok)

We truly enjoy watching Ragnar Lothbrok making History, but we can’t help but ask ourselves how Travis Fimmel, the actor that plays Ragnar, really is.

Is he much like his character or a totally different person? On a quick glance, similar to Ragnar’s ways, Travis is not too much a talkative person and prefers to keep his opinions to himself.

What else is there to know? Here are 9 things you need to learn about Travis Fimmel:

1As a teenager, he wanted to play football

Even though when asked by the Flaunt Magazine why he gave up football, Fimmel said that he wasn’t good at it, it seems that he actually injured his leg. As a teenager he left his hometown and went to Melbourne. He wanted to be a part of the Australian Football League as a player for St. Kilda Football Club. But right before the season start, he got injured.



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