A Quick Guide to Viking Workouts – Methods and Exercises

Shieldmaiden Workout - If You Want To Have Viking Abs

From myths to history, television and books, the Vikings are re-taking over the world! They even conquered our gyms. What it is about Viking based fitness that makes it such a workout trend?

1Celebrities dig it!

It’s not just the historical drama television or the Marvel hero played by Chris Hemsworth. The world is under a Viking invasion at many levels.

The minimalist furniture, the winter cosy sweaters and the trendy Nordic beards are some of the aspects that entered our modern world.

Depicted as fierce warriors, it was only a matter of time until the Viking ideal would enter our gyms. Beside the myths, Scandinavian men tend to win the World’s Strongest Man competition quite often.

Also, the women are appreciated as some of the most beautiful and athletic in the world.

So it’s no wonder that celebrities dig this trend. For example, Nicole Scherzinger is a big fan of the Viking method as a fitness routine. And the results are obvious!



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