How to Train like a Viking – 5 Simple Exercises for a Warrior’s Workout

Train Like a Viking – A Warrior’s Workout

We are all fascinated by Vikings culture and lifestyle. We appreciate their strength and war abilities.

If you did your research on them, you already may know that the Vikings, despite their contemporary depictions, weren’t exactly huge and extremely muscled warriors (check the 5 Popular Myths about Vikings that are NOT actually true).

Instead, what’s really amazing about their strength is actually their mentality, their determinations and moral.

If you want to build up those qualities that eventually will help you get in shape and will train not just your body, but your mind power and determination, we have some ideas for you.

Here are 5 exercises that will turn you in a Viking. They may not magically build up muscles on you, but they’ll train and develop those abilities that will long-term help you do that.

1Do some log chopping

Log chopping to failure! This exercise will prepare you for sword swinging and punch throwing. Just kidding. It will give you strength though.

And if you imagine yourself fighting alongside Vikings like Ragnar Lothbrok, you definitely need that kind of strength.



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