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Game of Thrones is one drama television series that changed the rules. You like it or not, you cannot deny the complexity of this fantasy world created by one single mind, that of George R.R. Martin, the author of A Song of Ice and Fire. Even more, the real beauty is that Game of Thrones universe gave rise to new art pieces which are truly amazing.

These amazing Game of Thrones Fan Art are great on their own, but if you know the stories behind them you can really appreciate them. Here are some 21 epic images that prove that Fan Art can be as interesting as its source.

#1 The Lannister Children by Aki Yun

#2 Game of Thrones Daenerys Color by Lynne Yoshii

#3 Game of Thrones: Khaleesi and Khal by Daniel Kordek

„My fav pairing from first season of HBO show. I like them in the books too!”

#4 Game of Thrones studies by Alice X. Zhang – drawn in Adobe Photoshop. We can see here our beloved Jaime, Cersei, Sansa and Daenerys.

#5 The Hound and The Little Bird by DavidDeb – a sketch card made in watercolor pencil, marker and muliliner.

„He’s no true knight, but he saved me all the time.”

#6 Wier Tree by NetsirkWriter

#7 Heart Tree by CyanBerryy

#8 The Stag And The Rose by Jessica Holmes

#9 The Old Get Old And The Young Get Stronger by Hagop Der Hagopian – this piece of fan art’s title is take from one of The Doors’ songs. Made in graphite pencils and red marker.

#10 Tyrion redesign – Game of Thrones by István Dányi

 #11 Game of Thrones redesign – Mereen Spaceport, by Leon Tukker. This is a Sci-Fi version of the city of Mereen from GoT. The fan art was started with modelling in Cinema 4D using a displacement map and it was finished in Adobe Photoshop.

„It’s Mereen Spaceport. One of the places in the galaxy that still allows owning and selling slaves. Generally not a nice place to be!”

#12 Speedpaints: Game of Thrones II by coupleofkooks. Two figures that are still „haunting” the universe of GoT and stir our imagination: Rhaegar Targaryen and Aerys II Targaryen – The Mad King.

#13 Early Frost – A Game of Thrones LCG by Juan Carlos Barquet

#14 Eddard in the Godswoods by Joel Salinas

#15 Game of Thrones: Daenerys by Silvia Caballero

#16 Daenerys Targaryen: Game of Thrones/Mad Max by Andrew Domachowski

#17 Wolves of the North Cover by Cristi Balanescu

#18 White tree by Sergey Glushakov

#19 Melisandre by Menton J. Matthews III

#20 Stoneheart by Marta Sokołowska, made by gel pen + Photoshop

#21 Touch of Fire by bubug (Magdalena) – this is a scene from A Clash of Kings, after the Battle of Blackwater. The fan art is done with gel pens and a graphics program.

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