Were Viking Shieldmaidens Real or Not?

Viking Shieldmaidens – Were They Real or Not?

We have only a few historical records about the Viking shieldmaidens. They seemed to be manlike dressed female warriors, devoted to their sword and passionate about war skills learning.

But were they real or is it just a myth?

1Female Skeletons and Burial Customs

Did you know that after a profound examination of Viking warriors bones, researchers found that almost half of the warriors’ skeletons were in fact… women!

Previously, those skeletons were identified as male based on the fact that they’ve been buried with their weapons. But it seems that the women were also given a warrior like burial in the Vikings society.

For example, in Denmark, at the Gerdrup site, there is a woman who was buried with a spear, while in Sweden there are three different graves of women that contained arrowheads.

Axes, axe heads, spears or shields were also found in women graves.



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